Aromatherapy massage training course (1 day) – £190

You’ll discover how to perform a full aromatherapy treatment with confidence, incorporating all the classical aromatherapy techniques. Your new qualification will enable you to offer a popular treatment in addition to your massage treatments. Another string to your bow!

The course is delivered from training academy and will give you confidence in explaining the taxonomy, nomenclature, significant chemical constituents, therapeutic actions, most beneficial methods of use and safety data for over 60 essential oils. You’ll be fully able to blend essential oils appropriately and perform and adapt your treatment techniques to meet the individual needs of your clients.

You’ll also learn about other methods of application such as inhalation and compresses.

As a qualified massage therapist, you know the importance of understanding when and how to treat a person holistically. During your aromatherapy course, you’ll learn how to identify factors that may influence your treatment plans.

Everything you’re taught on the course will help you strengthen your existing skills and career in the complimentary therapy sector.


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